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Our comprehensive software suite empowers you to cultivate company talent at every level, from developing individual employees to planning for future workforce needs.

Fast & easy build-out with AI

We help you rapidly augment your job role data with skills and proficiencies (if you want them), so everyone is on the same page about the expectations of each role, the skills it requires, and how it interacts with other roles in the company.

Visibility that sparks initiative

Employees can actively explore their possibilities within the company and build career paths tailored to their competencies and goals, whether they’re aiming for the top or happy where they are.

A clear view of future needs

Enable managers to see their teams’ bench strengths, tenure risks, and gaps in role succession so they can develop their people with an eye to the future.

Real-time feedback for better learning

Performance feedback is most powerful when it happens in real time, whether it’s constructive criticism or recognition for a job well done. The performance review can be transparent between manager and employee or employee-only, or manager-only.

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Automate skills, jobs and learning links with AI

Create skill profiles, create detailed job descriptions, align learning content with specific skills, and chart clear career path progressions to set the foundation for effective talent management.

Automate includes the ability to:

  • Create Skill and Competency Profiles
  • Develop Job Descriptions
  • Map Learning to Skills and Competencies
  • Map Career Path Progressions


Assess current skills of your workforce & close gaps

Effectively assess employee skills, identify gaps, and implement strategies to develop a skilled and competent workforce prepared to meet current and future challenges.

All the Automate features plus the ability to:

  • Create a Skills Inventory
  • Conduct Gap Analysis


Unlock employee talents & career development

Organizations can significantly enhance their talent development strategy and workforce effectiveness by assessing employee skills, curating personalized learning paths, recommending appropriate career paths, and tracking career goals.

All the Automate features plus the ability to:

  • Assess Employee Skills and Competencies
  • Curate Personalized Employee Learning Paths
  • Recommend Employee Career Paths
  • Track Career Goals

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Additional information

Managing various HR processes can be a lot for a single team (or even a single person) to handle. Between recruiting efforts, onboarding processes, and succession planning, there’s a lot to manage. If you’re doing all of this in spreadsheets—or worse, sticky notes and emails—you’re making your work a lot harder than it needs to be! Talent management software can help.

What is talent management software, you ask?

In short, talent management software can help you get your overall people processes in place, from recruitment to onboarding to performance management. Once you have the right talent management system in place, both your HR team and your employees will be happier and better understand their roles in your business.

Talent management software provides you with an integrated platform that supports fundamental talent management processes throughout the lifecycle of an employee’s time with your business, including the recruitment phase. These processes, as well as the technical capabilities that support them, can help you enhance employee engagement and grow your business. Over time, talent management platforms have evolved as there’s been growing popularity in terms of companies focusing on retaining employees and better managing their skills. Today’s best talent management software solutions will factor your organization’s goals into the implementation process while also adhering to past lessons learned and best practices.

If you’re searching for a talent management software, market size isn’t an issue. No matter how small or large your company is, you can benefit from this tech solution.

Talent Management Strategy

As you’re looking into different talent management strategies, be mindful that software, automation, and AI (artificial intelligence) tools can simplify your talent management process. There are a lot of different talent management tools available today. For example, you might’ve heard about the 9 box model, which is a grid used to assess employees’ performance levels and potential for growth.

What are the advantages of 9 box grid strategies? This method allows you to identify valuable talent, highlight development opportunities, and increase transparency. However, there are also disadvantages of 9 box grid systems. These boxes often create confusion and resentment between employees and managers as they struggle to differentiate between the two dimensions used to assess people.

Reskilling programs involve the training of team members on entirely new sets of skills so they are equipped to take on different roles within your organization. Companies will need to consider reskilling the workforce when people’s previous tasks or responsibilities become irrelevant, often as a result of technological advances.

9 box grid alternatives

The 9 box grid method isn’t necessarily outdated, but it’s not everything it could be. Today’s talent management software can assign point ranges within their employee performance reports, offering comprehensive systems that are designed to supplement extensive conversations with each employee. This ensures that both employees and managers are aligned on their thoughts regarding team members’ performances and future potential.

There is a lot talent management software can facilitate. For example, managers working with employees to help them set and achieve personal performance goals, employees recording their impressions of their own performance and regular, anonymous peer feedback, which provides additional perspective from those who work closely with employees. Software can also provide performance management data that’s displayed by team and department, so executives can spot performance and satisfaction trends and adjust accordingly.

Talent Management Market

Companies that use talent management software look to these tools to support their core talent management processes, such as:

  • Competency Managers
  • Talent Assessments
  • Performance Management
  • Development Planning
  • Certification Tracking
  • Succession Planning

The talent management market experienced higher-than-anticipated demand during COVID-19, and growth is expected to continue. That’s because companies are realizing they need to invest in their talent systems if they want to attract and retain the best possible employees. talent management software market is helping companies with everything from workforce management to compensation planning and everything in between.

Are you wondering, “What are the talent management strategies of leading companies?” Leading companies will seek to keep the bar high, promote from within and develop realistic hiring targets. They also know the value of cultivating a healthy workplace culture, keep an updated way of thinking and create checks and balances to make sure they are operating efficiently and ethically.

Talent Management Solutions

As you begin to explore talent management solutions, you need to be clear about your goals and bring together the right team to help you accomplish them. When your goals are clear and measurable, an effective talent management system will facilitate the betterment of your organization. Integrated software and point solution software are both talent management system examples that can be utilized to achieve your goals. Be sure to calculate the benefits and know your risks upfront. That way, you won’t be caught off-guard if you uncover opportunities or problems as you’re developing a talent management system.

It is important to involve your end-users from the very start and communicate consistently as progress is made or when pivots need to happen. The talent management industry was designed to help you succeed, but you’ll need buy-in from your leadership team and employees as well, if you want to achieve your goals.

Top Talent Management Software

In the human capital management industry, no asset is more important than your people. The best talent management companies utilize great software and technology to make sure they’re making the most of their human capital investments. If you’re looking for a way to close skill gaps, create career paths, facilitate conversations between employees and leadership, and set up great succession planning, you need a tool that was designed to do this job.

Keep in mind that the top talent management software solutions will provide you with what you need now and as well as what you’ll need in the future.

If you’re still running your business with spreadsheets and sticky notes or an outdated system that can’t keep up with the growth of your organization, it’s time for a change. The sooner you upgrade your processes, the sooner your HR team will realize the benefits and be able to spread the word about the positive things happening in your company. Reach out to TalentGuard today for a demo of our platform to get started!

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