5 Common Mistakes Made in IDP Planning

Ginac’s Workforce Excellence Tips 11-20

Talent Management Tips 21-30

Ginac’s Talent Management Tip #21: Be open to the idea that you could be wrong. It’s better to self-correct for the betterment of the team rather than stand for the wrong thing.

Ginac’s Talent Management Tip #22: Yesterday I started my spring cleaning and it inspired a question about life.  Which relationships in your life need to grow, and which relationships need to shrink — or even end?

Ginac’s Talent Management Tip #23: Ask your team, what are you going to do different in 2011? It will encourage your team to take stock what they can do better!

Ginac’s Talent Management Tip #24: As leaders, you need to understand your strategic capabilities and the jobs that are most critical to ensure your company’s success.

Ginac’s Talent Management Tip #25: Frustrated with management? If nobody can hear your ideas, no one can ever implement them. Speak up!

Ginac’s Talent Management Tip #26: Do a quick assessment with your team to see what they are looking for in a manager. You might be surprised how they rank what they want from you!

Ginac’s Talent Management Tip #27: As a line manager, make sure you are involved developing your workforce and not simply dictating to HR your staffing needs.

Ginac’s Talent Management Tip #28: Employees are no longer loyal to companies, rather, they are loyal to people. Make sure that your management is doing everything possible to build loyal relationships with their teams.

Ginac’s Talent Management Tip #29: Forming a taskforce for one of your most important projects exposes others to learning opportunities and development.

Ginac’s Talent Management Tip #30:  When your team’s morale is low because they’ve not hit their desired goals, it’s when your energy needs to be its highest.

Ginac’s Workforce Excellence Tips 11-20

Ginac’s Workforce Excellence Tip Tip : Articulate your top 3 challenges, prioritize them, and then find a solution for each one in consecutive order. Ginac’s Workforce Excellence Tip Tip : Organizations that value the “treat employees as family” tenant outperform those that don’t. Foster an environment of love, respect, and transparency and you will start […]

Ginac’s Talent Management Tips 11-20

Ginac’s Talent Management Tip #11: It’s always good to bring experts into the company to share information with employees. It inspires new ideas and sparks excitement in the team. Ginac’s Talent Management Tip : Do something sporadic for an employee that steps up to the plate for a project. Simple things matter and have a […]

Ginac’s Workforce Excellence Tips 1-10

Ginac’s Workforce Excellence Tip #1: Most organizations think they have competencies, but they are really using basic tenets. Make sure your competencies are performance-based because if it can’t be measured, it can’t be improved. Ginac’s Workforce Excellence Tip #2:  In thinking about workforce excellence, be sure to know what benchmarks are used in your industry to […]