Skills Assessment Software

Know exactly what your people can do

Our Talent Assessment solution provides the skills assessment software you need to deploy tailored job-based assessments that measure the skills most relevant to an employee’s role, according to your career architecture. Learn exactly what your employees can do so you (and they) can apply their talents now and plan their future development.

Identify Skill Gaps

Assess employee capabilities to identify strengths, gaps and opportunities for development.

Workforce Readiness

Provides insight into a workforce’s readiness to meet the organizational goals and objectives.

Business Insight

Provides inputs to career development efforts and curated training plans for individuals, managers and across the organization.

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Skills Assessment Key Features

TalentGuard’s Skills Assessment software allows organizations to assess and analyze employee skills, proficiencies, experiences, qualifications, and preferences for career development.

Employee Skill Assessment

Assess to identify areas for career development, growth and performance improvement and provide employees with a view of their skills related to their job role.

Skill Gap Analysis

Expose employee skills gaps with minimum targets set for the job role.

Company and Team Insights

Managers can view their entire hierarchy or filter by specific teams to view skills and status.

Talent Finder

Easily search and filter results to identify specific talent in your company.

Skills Assessment Benefits


Four times more likely to have high-performance culture due to using competencies as part of the talent management process.


Two times more learning engagement by addressing competency-based proficiency gaps.


Two times more effective at coaching, developing leaders and managing performance problems.

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Unleash your company’s inner genius

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