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See the future by planning for it

Predict the company’s future talent needs and choose the best candidates for the most important roles, based on a complete view of your company’s collective talent!

Talent pool builder

Proactively manage succession risks and role vacancies with internal talent pools. Evaluate how well candidates match the role profile and alert management to flight risks.

Targeted internal talent search

Recruit internally based on multiple criteria, including verified skills, competencies, performance, career aspirations, manager recommendations, and more.

Objective candidate evaluation

Reduce bias in your internal mobility decisions with objective, verified skill data. Compare candidates side-by-side based on match percentage, time-to-readiness, previous roles, preferences, and more.

A clear view of future needs

Enable managers to see their teams’ bench strengths, tenure risks, and gaps in role succession so they can develop their people with an eye to the future.

Ideal candidate finder

Wish you could find someone just like your top performer? Use this flexible tool to define the skills, experiences, and other characteristics of your ideal candidate and find internal talent that matches.

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Access to Intelligent Role Studio and Talent Frameworks for Free for 14 days.

  • Unlimited use of the content management system
  • Access to 500+ pre-built skill-based job profiles in the General Corporate Function Library
  • Build unlimited job profiles
  • Access to 500+ pre-built skills, skill descriptions, and behavioral indicators
  • Add or edit skills data

Restrictions apply so please read the eligibility criteria.


Talent Management Simplified.

Rapidly build AI-powered job, skill, and career data that seamlessly establish a robust foundation for transformative talent management.

Automate includes the ability to:

  • Generation of skill and competency profiles
  • Development of detailed job descriptions
  • Alignment of learning content with skills
  • Mapping of career path progressions


Elevating Organizational Success.

Establish an enterprise-level foundation to manage and optimize a ​mission-critical talent management program at scale.

All the Engage features plus the ability to:

  • Build high-potential talent pools
  • Measure employee performance
  • Track employee certifications
  • Conduct multi-rater leadership feedback

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Additional information

Talent marketplace platforms are groundbreaking solutions that have revolutionized the world of talent acquisition and workforce management. A talent marketplace platform helps connect skilled professionals with businesses seeking talented, suitable candidates. Companies can bridge the gap between workforce demand and supply through a talent platform, meaning that these platforms are critical to the modern recruitment process and to internal organizational growth.

These platforms operate on a digital interface, allowing individuals to showcase their relevant skills, accomplishments, and work experiences while enabling employers to discover and interact with potential hires efficiently. Additionally, internal marketplaces allow employees to grow within their current organization. The evolution of talent marketplace platforms has redefined recruitment and development processes and transformed how professionals interact with potential clients or employers. Because of rapid technological advancements and shifting workforce dynamics, the prominence of talent marketplace platforms in the global workforce has grown exponentially in recent years.

Talent marketplace platforms are increasingly popular, and implementing these platforms is essential for job seekers, employees, and organizations to adapt and stay ahead of the curve. These platforms are essential in offering seamless access to a diverse pool of candidates across industries and geographic regions, providing personalized recommendations based on candidate preferences, skill sets, and other relevant criteria. Alternatively, these platforms can reveal the potential of current employees with untapped skills.

A significant advantage of talent marketplace platforms is their ability to streamline the traditional hiring process. By automating and simplifying repetitive and time-consuming tasks like resume screening, candidate matching, skills development, and interview scheduling, these platforms save valuable time for recruiters while ensuring that only the most suitable applications are shortlisted for consideration. Additionally, these platforms allow recruiters to evaluate candidates remotely through video interviews and other tools without losing out on interpersonal interactions necessary for a thorough assessment.

As organizations continue to embrace the digital revolution amidst an evolving labor market landscape, leveraging talent marketplace platforms is increasingly necessary. By understanding the benefits of these platforms, recruiters and job seekers can receive unparalleled access to the professionals and jobs they’re seeking.

Internal Talent Marketplace

There’s no doubt that internal marketplaces are the future of talent management. However, many people are unsure of how this revolutionary approach will allow them to tap into their existing workforce’s diverse skills, knowledge, and experience while fostering employee growth and engagement. So what is internal talent marketplace in the world of business and recruiting?

An internal talent marketplace platform allows companies to create a dynamic ecosystem where employees can explore new opportunities within the organization, driving innovation, enhancing job satisfaction, and lowering turnover rates. The internal talent marketplace is an online platform or system connecting employees with short-term projects, roles, or assignments that match their skillsets and unique interests. An internal talent marketplace platform enables businesses to efficiently redeploy resources in response to shifting organizational needs while consistently supporting employee development and career progression.

As businesses evolve in response to rapidly changing market conditions and demands, the need for agile talent management solutions has never been greater. This situation is where the concept of internal marketplaces comes into play. These platforms are the future of talent management because they allow employers to harness the full potential of their workforce by leveraging existing employee skills in different ways. These platforms bring together employees from various departments, units, and locations, allowing them to collaborate on cross-functional projects to hone their skills.

Internal talent marketplace platforms are powerful solutions to optimize workforce utilization and a crucial catalyst for creating dynamic organizations that value continuous learning, open communication, and collaboration. These marketplace platforms are some of the best options to enhance employee skills and embrace a forward-thinking approach to talent management. This approach ensures that businesses constantly drive greater efficiencies while fostering employee engagement, satisfaction, and retention, ultimately securing a company’s position as an industry leader who is well-equipped to tackle future challenges.

Internal Talent Mobility

Internal talent mobility is an organizational strategy that prioritizes the development, engagement, and retention of a company’s top-performing talent by providing these employees with diverse career opportunities within the company. Leveraging a talent mobility platform allows businesses to foster a culture of ongoing improvement and education, encouraging growth within their workforce and ensuring they remain competitive in today’s rapidly evolving and adapting market.

With companies increasingly needing to retain their best and brightest employees, internal talent mobility has become increasingly critical. There are numerous benefits for businesses and employees implementing an internal talent mobility strategy. By embracing internal talent mobility, companies can unlock benefits like reduced recruitment costs, improved employee morale, heightened employee engagement levels, and a highly adaptable workforce prepared for future organizational challenges.

A talent mobility platform is a powerful, essential tool to facilitate the internal talent mobility process and help employees identify suitable career paths within their organization. These platforms also allow managers to track progress and provide employees with valuable feedback during internal mobility. This innovative technology makes it easier for human resources (HR) professionals to develop tailored career plans for individual employees based on their unique skills, aspirations, and motivations.

Additionally, fostering a culture of internal talent mobility can lead to increased innovation within companies and encourage fresh perspectives and ideas from different employees and departments. This collaborative environment drives business growth while keeping employees motivated and committed to achieving long-term success within their company.

By investing in internal talent mobility strategies, companies can build a thriving workforce and an environment that attracts top talent across several industries. A robust talent mobility platform must support employees’ personal career development goals while meeting shifting business objectives to ensure that organizations remain at the forefront of their industry. These platforms help businesses continuously optimize and maximize workforce potential.

Talent Marketplace Software

Talent marketplace software is an innovative solution connecting organizations with diverse, skilled professionals, revolutionizing how companies source and manage their workforce. As one of the leading talent marketplace companies, TalentGuard understands the importance of helping your employees develop workforce capabilities to achieve their career objectives based on company needs.

When seeking an external talent marketplace, you’ll notice that many platforms help companies connect with people outside the organization to work within the company. Unlike these platforms, TalentGuard focuses on your current workforce to help you identify the skills, credentials, performances, aspirations, and more of your employees. By understanding the full potential of your workforce, you can determine the best route forward for each employee and the organization.

Our cutting-edge platform leverages AI-based algorithms and intuitive user interfaces to make it easier than ever before to access a comprehensive database of your workforce to evolve and adapt to shifting employee needs and aspirations. Implementing a talent marketplace software solution like ours provides endless opportunities to enhance your workforce and improve employee retention. Solutions offered by TalentGuard help harness your potential to cater to all your staffing and employee requirements effectively.

Our talent marketplace software uses advanced tools to empower you with valuable insights into employee performance metrics and market trends to make informed decisions about your current workforce strategy while maximizing your return on investment (ROI). In today’s competitive business world, organizations must embrace the revolutionary possibilities of talent marketplace software solutions.

TalentGuard’s internal talent marketplace management capabilities equip you with the necessary tools and resources to retain top talent and identify employee strengths to promote career growth and development. Our talent marketplace software makes managing your workforce seamless, efficient, and effective, ensuring every employee has the necessary resources to achieve their hopes and dreams. Unlike external marketplace software, we understand the untapped possibilities within your current workforce.

Talent Marketplace Examples

Several effective talent marketplace examples help you understand the importance of internal talent mobility and platforms like TalentGuard to foster talent growth and development. Talent marketplaces help professionals and businesses connect productively. However, like any powerful tool, talent marketplaces have their fair share of challenges. Some common talent marketplace challenges include the following:

  • Issues building a strong user base for both employers, employees, and job seekers for external talent marketplaces
  • Trouble ensuring a seamless match between employee skills and job requirements
  • Struggles to maintain the quality of available talents
  • Challenges overcoming issues with data and security on talent marketplace platforms

As you explore various talent marketplace examples, you’ll notice that successful platforms offer user-friendly interfaces, robust search algorithms, and advanced, value-added services like interview scheduling, in-platform communication skills, and other features relevant to employee and organizational growth. By addressing talent marketplace challenges head-on, advanced talent marketplace platforms revolutionize the traditional landscape of employee management and job recruitment while fostering stronger connections between employees and employers.

In today’s increasingly digital work landscape, encouraging deep connections within the workforce is crucial. Talent marketplace examples like TalentGuard are crucial for companies that want to focus on internal talent mobility to enhance the skills of existing employees to achieve organizational growth and individual aspirations. Platforms like TalentGuard continuously evolve their services to ensure that employers and employees meet all their needs, whether through refined algorithms, innovative new tools for effective communication, or other resources to bridge the gap between employer and employee.

Ultimately, leading talent marketplace examples like TalentGuard demonstrate how technology can bridge the gap between employees and employers, while external talent marketplaces are crucial for recruitment strategies and hiring processes. Through these services, organizations can find exceptional talents and skilled individuals within or outside the organization, ensuring that employees can make meaningful contributions to their organizations.

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