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HR Technology Conference – Come visit us – booth 1548

The TalentGuard team is excited about exhibiting for the first time at #hrtechconf in Las Vegas.  We are the new kid on the block at the conference, but we are not new to the space. We’ve been working diligently in the background making new partners, empowering HR people with innovative approaches to transform people development, collecting data and building a fanatical customer base one-by-one.  It is now that we are ready to break through the clutter, make some noise and share the journey of our growing company.

The last year has been about innovative product development under the direction of CTO, Frank Ginac, to lead us into the spotlight as the predictive people development(tm) company in the talent management space.  We’ve spent quality time observing our customers use our software to better understand behavior and preferences. We’ve shadowed how their employees, managers and HR administrators use the data we collect for decision-making.  Most companies do this to understand how to build better, more user-friendly software. Yes, that is one reason we do it to. But, we have bigger reasons for spending so much time with our customers.  We care about understanding their business so that we can truly simplify their day. We are helping HR build companies that people love. Everyone deserves to be happy at work and we want to help in that mission.

Be bold. Be different. Be daring. These traits make HR Heroes!

See you at the show.


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