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Our platform has a the best-in-class skills mapping software. Don’t let your skills and competency data remain unused inside a spreadsheet. Get the ability to create or extend your competency frameworks, customize job profiles, assign learning and development options, govern workflow and collaborate with other talent management applications.

Intelligent generation of job descriptions, skills, career progression maps and learning data - TalentGuard
Advanced Skill Management - TalentGuard


Ability to create, edit and compare multiple competencies, including: Skills, Experiences, Qualifications and Preferences that are required for job functions.


Ability to map competencies, job grades, learning resources and other data to job profiles.

Automated Job Description Generation - TalentGuard


Job Profile calibration includes adjusting the level of proficiency and importance level of associated competencies across job profiles and grade levels.


Manage entitlement, rules, roles and policies to seamlessly govern job role data.

Workforce Intelligence Platform

It starts with the leading AI Workforce Intelligence solution for employers.

Build and maintain HR job data faster with AI and centralized it, boost employee engagement, and optimize company performance on one integrated platform—from backroom to boardroom. Whether your company is managing talent for the first time, updating outdated tools, or seeking a competitive edge, our solution can meet your needs and help make your talent vision a reality.


Assess current skills of your workforce & close gaps

Effectively assess their employees’ skills, identify gaps, and implement strategies to develop a skilled and competent workforce prepared to meet current and future challenges.

All the Automate features plus the ability to:

  • Create a Skills Inventory
  • Conduct Gap Analysis


Unlock employee talents & career development

Organizations can significantly enhance their talent development strategy and workforce effectiveness by assessing employee skills, curating personalized learning paths, recommending appropriate career paths, and tracking career goals.

All the Automate features plus the ability to:

  • Assess Employee Skills and Competencies
  • Curate Personalized Employee Learning Paths
  • Recommend Employee Career Paths
  • Track Career Goals


Measure the impact of upskilling on business performance

Building talent pools, measuring employee performance, tracking certifications, and conducting multi-rater feedback enhance talent management, ensure compliance, and foster organizational leadership development.

All the Engage features plus the ability to:

  • Build Talent Pools
  • Measure Employee Performance
  • Track Employee Certifications
  • Conduct Multi-Rater Leadership Feedback

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Additional information

Skills tracking software is a solution that helps your company understand its workforce with greater clarity. You can use skills tracking to see individual employee skills, the competencies that you have among the entire staff, company-wide, and broken down by individual departments. This is an excellent asset for companies as they map out new business strategies and gain insights into their growth.

This is difficult to do manually, and many companies miss out on the benefit of understanding their workforce to a greater degree. They rely on memory and generic job descriptions rather than using skills mapping software to truly understand the staff they have. Your employees will have many skills that they may not be using in their current position. With a skills tracking process in place, you can see at a glance where your employees can benefit from cross-training and if you’re using your workforce efficiently to its full capacity. If you don’t have a process in place to track workforce skills, it’s likely that your company doesn’t have a true understanding of what your workforce has to offer.

By using skills gap analysis software, your company can easily see which skills need more training and the types of professionals that you might be missing or in short supply of. Skills software makes the hiring process far more intuitive. Another benefit is that you can easily see where employees might be cross-trained or be able to fill in for other departments. As you plan future projects, you can proactively assess which skills will be necessary to make these initiatives successful. In this way, you can understand the positions you’ll need to hire and where your current staff will most productively fit into these new teams and processes.

Skills Matrix Software

An employee skill matrix is the visual form of your skill mapping. The software makes it easy to organize, create, and edit your matrix. By following an intuitive workflow, developing a skill matrix for workers is far less time-consuming. Using a software solution is more convenient, so your managers are likely to update and get actionable insights from the information. Your skill matrix software includes reporting options to make insights actionable and allow for various views of your current staff.

What is a Skills Matrix?

Your skills matrix is the visual representation of your workforce. You can create matrixes by department, as well as a whole company overview. Each employee and skill is identified on a visual chart, so you can easily see which skills employees possess and how much expertise they have in each field. You can use this chart to understand the entire workforce and specific departments. The chart can also be used to get a good view of individual employees, their growth, and the training they might need to excel at their current position or fit into a new position.

A typical skill matrix example might include competency levels. For example, you might create a rubric associated with competency, such as a scale from 1 to 5 with 5 indicating expertise. You can further define the skill level based on experience with the skill. And you can break down skills to categorize by technology, industry, and soft skills.

One side of the chart would identify the employee and the other side of the chart would identify the skill. So following the skills columns, you could easily see how many employees have the skill and at what level. You can highlight people who have the highest and lowest levels to create teams and identify areas where training is needed.

Your skills matrix can be updated as new skills become necessary. For instance, if you’re upgrading to a new system or adding innovative workflows, you might need to address the new skill that is needed for the implementation. Are they currently on your skills matrix? Do you need to communicate with staff to see if any employees currently have experience in this field?

Skills Management Software

Your competency management software gives you a way to set up a database of skills. For your HR and hiring managers, skills management software gives them a robust tool to understand the workforce you currently have and find the gaps in your existing skills repository.

Your job skills database helps you effectively oversee the employees that currently work in your organization. You can also create various skills matrixes. You’re not just getting a birds-eye view of the organization with your software. It also helps you understand specific departments and plan ahead for growth and scalability.

The management software can help you identify employees who can cross-train or fill in for other departments. It gives you better coverage and flexibility in cases where an employee might be out for an extended period of time.

Some benefits in using skills management software include:

  • Improved Training Initiatives. You can easily identify areas where your staff is less confident to provide training opportunities that benefit the company and individual employees.
  • Increased Productivity. The ability to match employees with their core competencies means that the work gets done faster and more efficiently.
  • Increased Employee Retention. Skills mapping isn’t just good for the company. By identifying the employees’ strengths and weaknesses, you can create an atmosphere that allows all employees to succeed and grow professionally.
  • Simplifies Internal Hiring. If your company promotes from within, the skills management software can help assess employees more accurately to identify solid candidates for promotion.

Skills management software allows your team to easily compile, store, and access information across your workforce, making the process of hiring and managing staff more efficient.

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